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Founded in 1988, Sedisp is a no asset company that has made the customer service its own distinctive feature.



Customer Service Sedisp


Our company, a leader in its sector, identifies the full satisfaction of the customer as a strategic element of its own position in the market.
For this reason, our primary goal is to ensure maximum satisfaction to our Customers and, as a result, to provide mobility solutions using highest quality standards.
To achieve this specific result we listen carefully to the instructions of our Customers, we learn to know them, in order to respond promptly to their needs.
Our Customer Service has this precise purpose: to communicate directly with our partners, to meet their requests, to solve any issues, to collect opinions, suggestions of technical innovation and anything that can help us make our service truly complete and better every day.


Sedisp has a highly specialized Customer Service that is capable of quickly and competently, by an IT control tower managing the specific needs of customers and the critical issues of each individual shipment.
Customers are followed by dedicated operators with whom a relationship of trust and continuity is established. Thanks to an IT system that connects the entire network in real time, the customer service centre has the full control on all network activities and support the customer in a centralized way, making the communication between Sedisp and its customers well-timed.
Through our Customer Service you can check and track the shipments, the successful deliveries of your products, manage stocks, anomalies, scheduled deliveries as well as mandatory deliveries and activate dedicated services throughout the country.
Furthermore, the staff proactively provides our customers with information on general delivery problems in the area, emergencies, strikes, inconvenience such as theft and/or robberies.

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