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  • capture information about deployment clustering in geographies;
  • Identifing the geographic centre of gravity of the distribution; 
  • Examining any similarities between locations depending on: 
    labour costs;
  • cost of renting;
  • management costs;
  • ease of access and proximity to logistics terminals;
  • Complex local regulations in terms of employment contracts, dangerous goods management, job security;
  • repair the data according to the future data structure (isotropy/anisotropy);
  • assess the degree of side choices (provider operational capability, ethical aspects, ecological aspects)
  • getting the optimal location



  • Constant monitoring of safety stock needed (sales and P.O.P.) depending on cash flow;
  • analysis of the data according to the replenishment of the hub and considering:
    • transportation costs;
    • warehousing costs;
    • transport flow optimizations;
  • reparametrize the data according to the current and future data structure;
  • define the features, also according to industrial logistics:
    • Lay-out analysis
    • Evaluation on process mechanization (static and dynamic capacity, transpire and automatic cabinets)
  • evaluation and definition of the best site, also depending on the commitment to the customization of IT systems.

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